Research Activities 研究活動 

現在、芝浦工業大学において画像処理・ロボティクス研究室を運営している。当研究室では主として、映像・音声処理、ロボティクス並びにそれらの応用について幅広く取り組んでおり、情報通信やロボットの技術を活かして、高齢者、障害者や被災者等の支援を必要とする人々をサポートすることを目指している。    →研究室ウェブ

Chinthaka Premachandra is the director of the Image Processing and Robotics Lab (Chinthaka Lab) at the Graduate School of Engineering and Science, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan. His team focuses on a wide range of studies in image processing and robotics, with applications aimed at technologically supporting individuals in need of assistance, such as the elderly, disabled, and victims of natural disasters.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence (AI), UAV,  Intelligent Assistant Systems, ITS, Aerial/mobile Robotics, Audio/video Processing

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Current main projects  / 現在の主な研究プロジェクト

・Automatic victim detection at disaster fields by on-UAV audio/video processing system


・Autonomous wheel chair control at hospitals/nursing home by Visible Light Communication


・Development of walking support system with depth camera for visually handicapped persons


・Aerial vision based automated UAV landing system 


 Publications / 研究業績

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