Conference & Social Activities 学会・社会活動


Chinthaka Premachandra has been involved in academic conference steering activities. He was the general chair of ICIPRoB 2024, which he founded in 2020 with cooperation from many researchers worldwide. Additionally, he has served in various capacities in conference steering, as well as editorial and reviewer roles for academic journals and conferences. He has also participated in several academic and non-academic social activities, as mentioned below.

Major Conference Steering and Editoring Activities (主な学会運営及び論文編集委員の活動)

Major Reviewer Services (for English Journals) / 主な査読者活動(英論文誌)

Major Reviewer Services (for Japanese Journals) / 主な査読者活動(和文誌)

Major Reviewer Services (for Conferences) / 主な査読者活動(会議)

Other Social Activities / 他の社会活動